Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Written by on January 17, 2018

Photo Credits: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

The biggest carnival to ever grace Singapore’s shores are right at Marina Bay!

From thrilling highlights such as Mach 5, Euro Coster, and Das Fun Schiff to the traditional carnival games like the Star Flyer, Carousell, Bumper Cars and Game booths that makes sure you walk away with some great prizes! The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is sure to get you spending your days-off here with friends and family. Not only that, they have stalls that serve up some pretty decent hipster food at the carnival which will curb the bubbling hunger after those adrenaline rush!

Radio Heatwave is honoured to be invited to the event during the media call night and we were able to get our hands on trying out the rides and food there! YJ even popped his coaster cherry there and here’s our top 5 list in the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival that you should definitely try!

5) Street Food Circus

Rating: 4/5

Eat while it’s steaming hot! Bringing you true gourmet food, we tried the Chili Crab Fish & Chips from Street Food Circus. The Fish & Chips were crispy on the outside and filled with fresh bits of chewy fish meat on the inside. But what made it into our list, was the amazing sauce served beside it. Pipping hot chili crab flavour, you get to taste the actual crab meat with every dip into the consistent texture of the sauce.

Insta: @StreetFoodCircusSG

4) Euro Coaster 

Rating: 4/5

What is a carnival without coasters? If you are a fan of the BattleStar Galactica in Universal Studios Singapore and looking for something more exciting to tingle your bones, then this is it!

With sharp turns and sudden halting moments before the drop, Euro Coaster gives you the adrenaline rush you need! Definitely a thrilling ride you’d have to try at the carnival!


3) MACH 5

Rating: 4/5


If you have the balls and you are looking to break into some crazy screaming, prepare yourself for the Mach 5. The ride starts off pretty slow before it launches into crazy flips that you didn’t even know were physically possible. Coupled with a majestic view of Marina Bay, this is definitely one of the more memorable rides at the Carnival.

2) Das Fun Schiff (also very well known as the Pirate Ship)

Rating: 4.5/5

Going all the way up to 180-degrees, we got lucky(or not) and picked the far end seats on the ship.

As the ship takes off slow, it started sailing all the way up without giving us any mental preparation. It had all of us screaming at the edges (literally), it was swinging so wildly, by the time we reached the peak of the ship, our feet were off the platform of the ship. And yes, we were all in tears from screaming by the end of it.

1) Sofnade

Rating: 5/5

Of course, even at a carnival, food will have us screaming first!

Refreshen and recharge your energy with a tint of mint and fizzy beautiful drinks! We tried the Pink Strawberry Lemonade which at first had a bit of a saline/cinnamon taste to it, which takes a turn for sweet and refreshing mint aftertaste. If you are looking for something to curb dizziness after a crazy ride, this is a drink that you should definitely get to rehydrate yourself!

Insta: @sofnade

Overall Rating: 9/10

Definitely a to-go-spot to let loose of those semester stress and scream till you drop! Opened from 15 December till 1 April, hurry get down on the fun with your family and friends before they close!


Correction: After having actually been to the carnival, we realise that the Euro Coaster is does not have loops and turns so yup we are correcting it.


Written by: Jac

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