Radio Heatwave presents: Back to School

Written by on May 7, 2019

The summery of four days the OBS (Outdoor Broadcasting System) blasted away was Hot, humid and nearly unbearable. These were all-day affairs, soaking up the heat from 10 am -6 pm at The FMS Lobby – ‘See you there!’


Walking past the booth on the way to class at 10 am in the morning was a definite coffee replacer. With the sickest tunes playing to pump up that dreadful first week of school, it felt like a shot of espresso.


But there was something else, something in the air, something you felt when you rolled dice or made a wish or maybe… Spin The Wheel? And that was exactly what it was, a game of chance. In a sea faces, our smiles wide and eyes wandering, trying to spot the next big jockey, our new partners, another life-long friend. We had all our bases covered, from foodies to ravers. Hook, line and sinker.


We were sure to find what we were looking for and so were they. I mean, we had everything! Boasting Vinyls of Bastille’s Wild World and the nostalgic High School Musical tracks. (Looks great as a piece of hipster décor if you don’t own a record player!) and Signed posters by Troye Sivan, West Life, Imagine Dragons and The Vamps (An actual piece of hipster décor!).


And those that didn’t hang on the wall and hung on yourself? Anne-Marie Sweaters and LANY Hoodies: terrible for our weather, perfect for lectures. What about the perishables? Boxes of JCO doughnuts and Reside Tickets.


But Hey- we weren’t just here for business! We were all in for the new school year. Everyone, anyone could immortalize their first few days back at school at an instant photo booth. It only took a minute, give or take, to capture that moment of excitement and happiness on a printed photograph.

Yeah, it was a really hot day – for every single one of those days. Sure, all of us had to soak up the heatwave, but it was all worth it for this one.


Written by: Ruth Chua

Edited by: Adalia Goh

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