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Written by on November 7, 2018

The monumental annual event since 2013, Purple Parade was held on 27 October 2018. More than 10,000 people were present at the event this year. An astounding 4,200 people joined the march, as well as 218 partner organisations, who were actively participating during the event. A myriad of activities and performances were happening at Suntec City’s outdoor space between Tower 1 and Tower 5 from 3pm till 7pm!


Did I mention that it was my first time at Purple Parade? It was an absolutely insightful opportunity to witness people of all ages simply supporting the event! Especially the idea of inclusivity and abilities of people with special needs. Plus, I was left speechless by the numerous performances! The performers were chirpy and the enjoyment could be seen in the delivery of their performances. One of the performances included a group of empowering youths from Jump District that performed a sensational piece. I was told that my deliverable was social media coverage on Radio Heatwave’s Instagram page, specifically for a dance item called Re:deafining Dance!  Dancers from Re:deafining Dance showcased an authentic work from a hearing choreographer from Converge Studios and a deaf choreographer from Redeafination. The choreographers tirelessly rehearsed with the dancers from both groups to demonstrate that dance knows no limits.


I was mesmerised by the dance item that Re:deafining exhibited! The 11 superb dancers began their item in their static positions on stage. When the music started playing, the dancers immediately began bouncing. The music composition was a combination of various upbeat tunes ranging from pop and even kpop! My mind was blown away when their stationary poses were precisely in sync with the beats of the music. Watching them smile as they concurrently perform showed how much heart and soul they genuinely put in for that item. It was honestly so heart-warming.


The event culminated with everyone present gathering towards the stage and danced to the rhythm of Try Everything by Shakira, from the movie Zootopia. The song which encompassed the notion of hope and constant perseverance was an acute choice to conclude the event!


Written by Erwin Shah

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