The Phantom of the Opera

Written by on May 3, 2019

Pre-Gala Night
When the opportunity to catch The Phantom of The Opera on Gala night came around the morning of the event, I was undeniably thrilled.

The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite musicals of all time. I remember fondly belting out to “Wishing you were somehow here again”, a beautifully composed song by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Red Carpet
A night at the Masquerade Gala for The Phantom of The Opera at the Sands Theatre, was one spent in a blur of roses and masks. The red carpet was lined with glitz, glamour, gorgeous gowns and suits, a perfect start to the night of theatre. On the red carpet, the Radioheatwave managers and I were interviewing invited guests.

We were graced by the presence of celebrities like Kishan from Wah!banana, budding singer-songwriter Becka, as well as stage and former television actor Chua En Lai. It was a fantastic experience having lively conversations and getting to know what their favourite Phantom characters were!

The Phantom of the Opera
The opening act was absolutely breathtaking. It started off with a hauntingly dark scene but later burst alive with beams of bright light accompanied with the opening note to the triumphant Overture. The music resonated throughout the theatre in all its glory, filling the audiences with great anticipation.

The Show
The set was absolutely astounding. From the gorgeous, intricate designs on the walls to every single diamond that dangled with charm on the chandelier design. With the immersive atmosphere and soundtrack, it was breathtaking to see the story come to life in real time. The ever-fluid movements of every dancer or performer, got me further engrossed into the beauty and essence of the classic musical.

The Phantom’s entrance was one that was a theatrical extravaganza. The actor, Jonathan Roxmouth, truly evoked the Phantom’s true formidable character through his rich baritone voice. I remember fondly watching the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera and recall my strong sentiments towards his character. Roxmouth’s “The Music of The Night” was one of my favourite songs of the evening. Watching the phantom serenade the female lead Christine on stage rather than on a screen, was far more desirable and memorable. The cast did an excellent job of entertaining us.

Another great moment of the night was during the performance of “The Point Of No Return”. The scene presented the power struggle between the Phantom and Raoul, to keep Christine Daaé within their grasp. The famous quote by the Phantom, “The world showed no compassion to me” embodied a powerful message about never judging a person by their appearance.

In essence, it was undoubtedly a night to remember. The Phantom of The Opera is a classic tale of sacrifices, betrayal and love — A must-watch musical for those who love theatre and to get hooked on the world of musicals. The managers of Radioheatwave and I enjoyed the experience and am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be treated to a night of grandeur.

Catch The Phantom of The Opera at the Marina Bay Sands, Sands Theatre. Now showing till 8 June 2019.

Written by: Shayanne Chang
Edited by: Adalia Goh

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