Troye Sivan took my concert virginity

Written by on May 10, 2019

A Night To Remember:

28-year-old Australian born singer made his debut performance in Singapore on the 4 May 2019. Fans quickly filled up the Star Theatre as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their favourite human being. Eager fans prepared for the concert by draping themselves with pride flags and even with fairy lights. Though, to much disappointment, security officials instructed the dazzling bunch to switch off their fairy lights.

I sat bright-eyed as I waited in the anticipation to hear his heavenly voice for the very first time. As lights began to dim and a dramatic soothing soundtrack blasted over the speakers, fans screamed at the top of the lungs, scanning across the stage to get the first glimpse of him. Troye, being cheeky as he always is, started off the concert in one of the VIP box sections, causing pandemonium among the audience.

Troye Sivan began his concert with his first song on his ‘Bloom’ album, ‘Seventeen’. Everyone instantly was up on their feet, jumping and singing along. I myself couldn’t help but join in the fun and sing along to his top hits.

Believe it or not, I have never been to a real-life concert in my life. Growing up, concerts were seen as a waste of time and money. Also, why go to a packed auditorium when you can have your own private concert in your room with Youtube? Time flew and my incomprehensible for concerts grew. Friends would often post stories on Instagram, ‘raving’. I could not quite understand why people were diverting their attention to recording multiple videos when they could be immersing in the heartwarming atmosphere.

Attending my first ever concert was indeed an eye-opening experience. My expectations were surpassed. I always envisioned concerts to be full of psychos just jamming and ‘raving’ to multiple songs. However, when I was at Troye Sivan’s concert, it was completely the opposite. It was simply beautiful. From the lights to stage presence to the very clothes he wore, it was perfection. His songs were personal, delicate and most importantly beautiful.

Troye was incredibly hilarious too. He found it amusingly disturbing that we as the audience sang the saddest songs the loudest. Yes, we Singaporeans are very much sad people Troye. Please come back. We need you.

The best part was when he asked the audience to act as if he was playing his very last song and instructed us to ask dramatic as we screamed ‘ ENCORE’. It was moments like this that made him very much relatable and resonated with the audience (also part of why I love him so much).

My most memorable part of his entire performance was when he took the time to talk to the audience. He was just like any other person speaking. He also spoke about his personal experience coming out, and how music was his avenue to channel his emotions. He said “I get to stand on stage like these and look at you guys. And seeing you guys sing these lyrics back to me, it gives me so much hope.” He has been an inspiration to many people here in Singapore and all over the world for his bravery to create music that does not hide who he is.

With a delicate voice that speaks of his heart’s cries, it is no surprise Troye Sivan has gained so many fans all over the world. Thank you Troye Sivan for being a strong and inspirational figure in my life. I am thankful that I managed to be there for your concert. I guess I can say, it was both our first time!

Written by:
Barani Vicnan

Edited by:
Adalia Goh

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