Wait…Comic Con in Singapore?

Written by on September 14, 2017

Hey there, this is Amanda and Jac with our very first blog post!

On 10th September, we got the opportunity to attend the 10th edition of the Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention 2017. 

A virgin experience for both of us at the convention, but it was amazing! The moment we stepped into the spacious, high-ceiling halls of STGCC and into the crowd of gamers and cosplayers, Jac asked: “Are you sure we are in Singapore?”

STGCC is probably the closest thing we can get here to the famous San Diego Comic Con. It is truly a celebration of all things geeky and nerdy! Not only that, STGCC offers a unique blend of both Western and Eastern comic culture.

With limited edition figurines and gamers’ booths everywhere, it was literal heaven (cues angelic sounds) for us and seeing our favourite characters come to life in the form of cosplay was almost too good to be true. Everyone was super approachable and friendly, and we were almost spoiled for choice when it came to posing with characters that we love.

One of our favourite parts was definitely the Star Wars exhibition! They had a whole section purely dedicated to the Star Wars universe. The coolest thing about it probably was the fact that they had flown in life-sized replicas of some of the vehicles in the movies, as well as an interior recreation of the famed Millennium Falcon.

Furthermore, Amanda had the first-hand experience of trying on a virtual reality boxing game, where she dons on her fighting gear and tries to knock-out the character on screen. The game lasted for 5 minutes with Amanda having the most unique work-out session, coupled with lots of laughter.

To catch the full clip of Amanda boxing into thin air and our meeting with Canadian Wolverine, head over to our YouTube page! 

We want to thank STGCC for inviting us. Do check out their website and prepare yourself for an even greater event next year!


Written By: Amanda and Jac

Edited By: Jac


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