Whabby! Carnival

Written by on June 28, 2019

When I first heard about Whabby, I thought- why’d they choose such an interesting name for the carnival. I knew I shouldn’t miss out on this carnival for anything and without any regret – I’m glad I went for it.

So I went, on a wet Saturday morning to SCAPE and expected a crowd of hyped millennials charged ready to get wild and crazy with food, music and company.

It wasn’t by chance I was there early, so I explored the carnival grounds with Trisha, a fellow Heatwave jock. One of the booths at Whabby was managed by Typestry where they had poets who created poems with an old school typewriter with any given word or phrase! My secondary school senior whom I haven’t seen in many years who wrote a poem for me based on these two words, ‘Moving On’. It was a nice and wholesome surprise for me!

By this time things started to get heated up with some performances and the first performance I caught was MOTUS, a 15-piece Batucada pop band, who hyped the crowd up with some energised and pumping beats amidst the pouring rain. It took a while for the crowd to groove along and MOTUS really got the ball rolling for other performances later on.

Another performer at Whabby was Radio Heatwave’s very own Joshua Simon, who currently hosts on Kiss 92 FM. Singing heartfelt songs about his past and childhood, it hit really deep and you could feel the power, emotion and drive behind every single note and you could tell that each melody came from a part of his soul.

By this time, there was a short intermission and some of the jocks and I messed about with the games stalls and there was a little game where you had to press buttons that lit up. I challenged Dheepan, another fellow jock, and lost by one point. Worthy challenge ends up with a not-so-worthy defeat for me.

The next performer and the last one who I caught for the day was Dansen John. Right before he was introduced, I just knew him as ‘loop pedal guy’. As the rain settled then, Dansen John’s performances kickstarted a new vibe and groove in the audience. With a growing crowd, Dansen John had to bring out his best. Performing No Diggity, his acoustic guitar transformed into both a bass and electric guitar and that’s just simply insane.

Cliffton, another fellow jock, quipped: “Hey that guy’s the next Ed Sheeran.” To that, I responded that he wasn’t the next Ed Sheeran but the first Dansen John.

I guess that’s the power of any music festival, you really get to see talents bloom. These talents who slogged day in and day out to be the talent that they are right now. They may not have the sell-out shows and humongous fanbase, but their efforts surely have captivated hearts and souls.

Thank you Whabby for igniting this curiosity within me for more of music and for more of creativity.

Written by: Angelo Jamie

Edited by: Adalia Goh

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