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"We're RadioHeatwave but... You can call us tonight."

RadioHeatwave is Singapore's first campus radio station, with well-known alumni such as Jean Danker, Vernetta Lopez, Justin Ang, Sonia Chew and many more.

We are a youth-led campus radio station, which aims to provide Ngee Ann Polytechnic students with great music and programmes from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm.

With a state-of-the-art LIVE radio studio similar to MediaCorp's, our listeners (17 - 25 years old) can tune in to our station through our school’s intranet or down at the Atrium, a popular campus hang-out site.


"The People Behind The Voices"

Marketing Director
Social Media & Website Manager
Magdelene Tan
If Magdelene had a dollar for every time her name is misspelled as Magdalene, she would be the youngest millionaire-in-the-making (YMITM). Her ultimate favourite band is The Beatles, but she listens to a range of music, from Rock to Indie to Oldies to EDM to House to Electronica to Canto rock, anything but Pop.

The self-proclaimed hawker buff believes in simple and sinful hawker food, and has nurtured a mild distaste for some pretentious and overpriced café food. When she’s not taking a nap with her fluffy golden retriever toy, you can spot her roaming the island in search of the juiciest orh luah [oyster omelette] worth choking her arteries.

Magdelene loves going on local escapades to slip out of the inexorable food coma and burn off the excess calories. The Chinatown area is the YMITM’s choice lair to soak and laze like an old prune in the hodgepodge of old world charm and quirky hole-in-the-wall establishments. While not eating, you can most probably spot her writing, reading or running.

Keep up with the digital peasant on Twitter @maggie_mee or nab her on TGIW, Wednesday 12-2pm, where she Oprah-hands out TGIW passes.

Shafiq Yeo
The racially confused boy. Now a Year 3 Mass Communications student, Shafiq still tries to convince everyone that he’s 9/16 Chinese and not half. Find him and he’ll probably be reading up on Formula 1 or football – 2 hours before the meeting time. (Yes, to him, being 2 hours early is considered “on time”.)

His music tastes include Pop music of all kinds and the slow and sensual lyrics of R&B music like Ne-Yo, Boyz 2 Men and Usher! Stick around long enough and you might have the opportunity to hear him sing. And I promise you; you will NOT be blown off your feet… I think.

His CV’s not really chock full with achievements but if you need someone to accomplish work early (and I mean a month before the deadline), you know who to look for! Shafiq also tries to ensure that everyone always ends up happy with every decision made (pls don’t bully him). Mixing Chingchonglinglong with “uh uh abang”, he hopes to finally be talent scouted as a singer. Catch him @shafiqyeo or on Throwback Thursday where he plays all the oldie goldies.
Dhurrgah M
Imagine a bubble of laughter and vanity with a little spice from the girl-next-door. Currently a final year Mass Communication student and General Manager at Radio Heatwave, Dhurrgah says she has never regretted pursuing this path. Quirky, fun and an infamously sworn foodie, she makes it a point to never turn down food. Despite her food-session, fashion doesn't take a backseat with this girl who has watched all 21 cycles of America’s Next Top Model. Smize you guys!

EDM is her jam and R & B never fails to bring out her Ghetto-ness. She secretly hopes to be a singer-songwriter in time to come. While being busy chasing her Beyonce dreams, she also enjoys taking a step back every now and then while hugging a good book to sleep. A Dan Brown psychological thriller does just the trick. She also prides herself as a movie junkie (with a soft spot for men with abs), who makes time to catch all the latest rom-coms, especially the ones starring Channing Tatum.

She loves taking life as it comes and says that the only key to her heart is chocolate, marshmallows and Robert Downey Jr. Catch her on the delicious “The Morning Jam” with Shafiq and Magdelene, Mon-Fri 10-12pm and on Cinemania with Reuben from 12-2 pm on Tuesdays to get your daily dose of popcorn. Prepare your Milkyway Bars!

Ameer Hamzah
Ameer Hamzah
He’s a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist . Soon to be , at least. Ameer always had the wildest dreams and the craziest ideas (he IS INDIAN), so it’s no wonder that you’ll soon see him on the big screen. Yep, the BIG screen. He is the future Actor/Director extraordinaire, the likes that the world has never seen. The No.1 fan of Robert Downey Jr and Cristiano Ronaldo, Ameer takes after his idols in terms of dreamy looks, a thunderous sense of humor, and an uncanny ability to get the ladies.

Ameer loves any kind of sports, relaxing, gaming, flirting, flirting, flirting (did I mention flirting?) and music. Oh sweet music. Anything Linkin Park. ANYTHING. He also doesn’t mine Imagine Dragons, 1 Direction (YES HE’S UNIQUE OKAY) and Maroon 5. He is, in SHORT, the most brilliantly amazing guy you will ever meet. Period.

Find him on Battle of The Sexes with Ysabel, Thursday 2-4pm.
Ameer Ibrahim
There comes a time in everyone’s life where they meet someone amazing. Someone so brilliant, so talented, and so hilarious that they’ll change your life forever. Ameer, or as he’d preferred to be called, Ammzey (pronounced /æm'zi/) is not that person. But he’s a pretty cool guy. And is a little too obsessed with video games, movies and anime than he’d like to admit. But don’t let that stop you from having a crush on him.

Ammzey is a loose-cannon pseudo-hipster who’s too tall for the kid’s table. He likes to take a swim in the main stream every so often, and finds current events just right. Interests in music range from the indie-est of indie songs to the most popular in pop, and interests in everything else is about just as varied, there’s never a dull moment with this one. (He even does impressions!) Catch him every Monday 12-2pm on Heatwave Charts with Celeste and maybe you’ll get to hear his Stephen Hawking. Maybe.

Chris J Ratnam
This station needs a new hero - and we seem to have found him - in the form of the Dark Kni… Uh, I mean Chris!

Ladies & Gentlemen we have an engineer in the house! Hailing from the far reaches of the campus (i.e. School of Engineering) while pursuing Aerospace Technology, Chris has proven that engineers don’t only crunch numbers and build complicated stuff. This multi-talented child is also a sailor, photographer and foodie.

Usually found in his native habitat of fast-food joints and cafes, Chris also dreams of one day soaring the skies as a pilot. If and when you see him you’d definitely recognize him as the the tall (and botak) life of the party. With a sense of humour that would put Jerry Seinfeld to shame, be prepared to laugh till you cry. Did he also mention that since the studio is so near Splash N’ Decker, he will get a never ending supply of his favourite tuna sandwiches?

So catch him if you can every Friday 12-2pm on Geek Speak with Jonathan as he flies you to the moon to play among the stars!
Danish Lukawski
Danish - known to be more commonly associated to the pastry than his actual being - is nothing short of a do-a-little-of-everything kinda guy. As an app developer, media communicator and writer, he’s a media-techie mess. At least he’s always up for making new friends, learning something new and sharing life's tips and tricks.

You can find him organising events, connecting people, or figuring out how to make the most difficult strangers talk. On the flip side, this extrovert has his own alone-time tendencies where he spends them writing, photographing or digital designing it to express his inner thoughts, feelings and perceptions about the world.

Nonetheless, music is one of his passions, even more so when evangelising our local talents, while keeping tabs on the latest and greatest in the worldwide industry today. He’ll gladly talk to you about pop, soul, EDM; you name it! Just don’t go screamo on him, it’s an acquired taste that he has yet to get used to. Spotify Show on Thursday 12-2pm is where he is to bring you his eclectic taste in music.

Joel Ng
It has been said that Joel puts the Mass in Mass Communication. That should give you a good idea of what he looks like.

Joel thinks his true calling is comedy and proved it by winning his Secondary School’s talent competition for just that. People never believe him when he says he’s funny but he figures that it just means he’s unbelievably funny. In desperate need of a good diet plan but in more desperate need for good food, Joel is a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi but a Dietary Democrat. After talking his way of out many situations, he realises that he loves the sound of his voice and therefore feels obligated to share it with the rest of the world.

Joel’s hobbies include flirting, getting shot down, eating to drown the pain, reading, playing the guitar, and generally being awesome in life. He listens to anything under the Sun that catches his ear. That includes Screamo, J-Rock and Justin Bieber. Wait no. Not Justin Bieber. NEVER Justin Bieber.

Joel has a problem maintaining his ego but it doesn’t matter to him because he’s amazing. His philosophy is that there are two types of people in this world. People who say they like him, and those who think it.

If the chairs over at Heatwave studios can still take his weight, Joel will be there every Wednesday from 2 pm to 4 pm, on ROCKOUT, helping to bounce your worries away.

Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang
Jon, a final-year Mass Communication student, recollects only snapshot glimpses of his past – white laboratory walls, fluorescent lights, bulletproof glass and strange men in hazmat suits and biohazard signs. He was the demented illegitimate lovechild of strategy and creativity.

Now neither parent admits to conceiving him, resulting in his solitary confinement within the four walls of his arch nemeses – apathy, gravity, entropy and inertia. One night, they left his cage open and he has never looked back since.

At best, he’s conscientious. At least, he’s conscious. Somewhat. To catch him, you must be fast. To find him, you must be smart. To be him, you must be kidding. When approaching him, if you’re the type to predicate your decision on who to talk to based on profile pics, great; he can be just as self-deprecatingly one-dimensional as you. If you actually bother reading all this extraneous text, great; he loves conversation. Oh, and in case you were wondering, he’s rather brilliant. But don’t tell anyone.

Heatwave will continue maintaining its namesake when you hear him breathing his brand of eccentricities on the mic every Friday from 12pm to 2pm on Geek Speak, in true arsonist fashion.

Joshua Ang
Joshua Ang
Currently pursuing a diploma in Mass Communication, Joshua has always dreamed of 2 things. Being a Radio Jock and dating Vanessa Hudgens. Although obviously deluded, a man can dream can’t he?

While people have always told him his voice can put them to sleep, he’s terribly over excitable and has a sense of humour so lame its a wonder how he is still able to walk. Apart from school, he can almost always be found curled up with his mac at some cafe sipping on a latte like a pretentious movie character. His past times include singing (horribly) in the shower and running around with his camera like a tourist.

if you were to steal his earbuds and listen in (though not advisable), you’d hear a range of music, from bands ‘you haven’t even heard off’ to EDM, except Justin Bieber. Theres no place on his playlist for that.

Come chill with him and Kim on Winddown Wedsneday every Wednesday (goes without saying :) ) from 4-6pm.

Joseph Soh
Joseph Soh
It’s Semester 2 and that means there’s a whole lot more of Joseph for you because he believes the holidays are best used restocking his inventory – his belly. With witty puns and a knack for satire, Joseph thinks that his gifts lie in his ability to take any situation and make you laugh.

As far as music goes, Joseph loves everything from artists such as Adam Lambert & Katy Perry to the much more understated Christina Perri & Sam Smith. Throw a few boy bands into the mix like One Direction and Bastille, and you’ve got his playlist in your hands.

Having hosted many events in school and in public, Joseph’s passion is to entertain the masses while watching his audiences stare blankly/in awe (delete as appropriate) as he bewilders them with jokes so lame, they lose their ability to walk.

And as long as Joseph can fit into through the door of the Heatwave studios, he’ll be there every Friday, from 2pm-4pm, on Muscle Hustle, giving you a ride on the wilder side of life.

Tong Khoon Mun
Tong Khoon Mun
A speed addict who spends his days hurtling through roads on a bicycle at speeds in excess of 40km/h, Khoon Mun spends his rare coffee breaks between complaining (raging) about irresponsible road users, and hosting Rock Out every Wednesday 2-4pm with Joel on Radio Heatwave.

Having a temper that sets off as quickly as the revolutions of his bike wheels means frequent eruptions of road rage and also a lack of tolerance of puns, especially the extremely terrible ones by his many fellow DJs. Despite his straight line velocity on the vélo, Khoon Mun still struggles to pronounce his name on air with a quirky any-mor accent without getting his tongue in a twist.

And also despite preferring to make love to his sleek, sexy race bike, this dangerous man would also be standing beside your bed at night if you don’t tune in to his show. Beware.

Leon Chua
Leon Chua
Leon is a Year 2 Student, majoring in the Diploma of Early Childhood Studies. (No it isn’t a taboo- this guy really loves kids!) A socially awkward yet socially inclined individual, with nothing but loads of lame jokes and a passion for keeping his hair in shape. There would never be a gel-less moment when he’s around.

With that being said, his other talents includes, performing at bars, events and private parties. As a musician Leon goes by Li-ONN and has been invited to perform in places like the Esplanade Waterfront, Marina Bay Sands and The 2014 Singapore Arts - Nights Festival.

Being the first runner up of 987tv star didn’t hurt either. Meeting his long time radio crush Sonia Chew (which was awesome!) and under his mentor’s (Vernon. A) tutelage, Leon is hoping to inculcate his wackiness on Focal Local sharing local music goodness with Amirah and Liane every Tuesday 4-6pm.

Max Pasakorn
Max Pasakorn
Max likes... games. And games. And more games. He loves games so much that he generally spends his free time in school playing tabletop games in the school library’s Board Games Zone. At home, he studies (ahem, studies) and designs games. He also spends a lot of his free time at home watching anime, Thai television shows, the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, and TED-Ed, a series of educational animations.

Other than being the “studious” FMS student, Max also spends his time in school perked at the counter of the school gym. If you see him, don’t be afraid to say hi. (Or send flowers. Or chocolates. He likes chocolates.)

Though a Mass Communication student, Max’s general interest covers a broad range of topics, from theoretical mathematics and personality psychology, to social sciences and theatrical arts. His dream, he says, is to live in a house with all the game consoles in the world, a loved one, and a toy dog.

Listen to Max on Food Fighter with Stefan every Monday 4-6pm on Radio Heatwave. ;)

Mohd Faris Zlatan
Mohd Faris Zlatan
Faris is a year two mass communications student who enjoys most of the beats he hears on radio, bar heavy metal. Other than listening to music, this smooth jock enjoys playing and officiating football matches, dueling a friend at Scrabble and eating nasi lemak. Faris also appreciates men’s fashion and grooming.

Faris is the livewire of every group, and only wants to share an enjoyable experience with anyone he converses with. He believes that his physical macho-ness and vast knowledge on the sporting scene makes him the "Abang Sports" in the station. Outside of sport, he strives to make positive differences in the lives of his peers, as well as his listeners everyday, no matter how small it may seem to be.

Often known as the guy who says what he means and means what he says, Faris’ determination is unparalleled once he sets his mind to completing a task. “Go je, don’t scared, no fear!”

Hear your favourite abang on air with Sathia and Joseph on Muscle Hustle, every Friday 2-4pm.

Reuben Dhanaraj
Reuben Dhanaraj
A Spa-chin-dian by trade, this sports-loving, music-raving, son-of-a Spanish-Indian dad and Chino-Chinese mum has an insatiable appetite for SPICY food. Raised as a child under the heavy influence of curry abuse and chilli padi overdose, Reuben now keenly shares his expertise on spice to anyone and everyone who has the time for a spicey chat ;)

When it comes to his taste in music, you’ll find an extremely close-knit father and son combo. He spends his nights in his cozy little room chilling to genres like Acoustic Alchemy, Special EFX, Jazz and New Age.

Having also grown accustomed to warm lights as a kid thanks to his dad, Reuben does express his distaste for white lights from time to time, much to the disapproval of his sweet and loving mum. They do however share a very similar interest, and that is the love for football, the guitar… and good old Manchester United.

Having captained his school’s basketball team in Secondary school, Reuben also appreciates a warm sense of camaraderie with the people he has known for a long while. Apart from his love to socialise, Reuben swims, gyms, and enjoys a good laugh from time to time, hoping one day to fly the skies as a cabin crew for SIA just like his dad.

Join the Indian duo Dhurrgah and Reuben every Tuesday from 12-2pm for your dose of Cinemania.

Rishiiy Vijayan
Rishiiy is his name but everyone from friends to lecturers call him rish. A year one mass communications student, he may just look like your average friendly neighbourhood indian, but he’s also a weird and funny optimist.

Rish has hosted his fair share of events in both his Secondary School and Ngee Ann Poly. Having taken part in many random competitions, he has a wide pool of knowledge in things that is somewhat useless to the field of study he is pursuing now, but can be applicable to life in general.

Oh whats playing on those headphones you ask? Well Rish listens to everything from Queen to Taylor Swift to Maroon 5 and as you may know, its kinda hard to fall asleep on the way home when the Bohemian Rhapsody is playing on full volume.

Awkward situations are rare for this one.

And if you’re looking for someone to laugh with(or at) on a Thursday afternoon, he’s gonna be hosting the Spotify Show with his awesome co-host Danish from 12-2pm.

Sathia Selvam
This 19 year old may look like your average red indian, but Sathia’s crazily loud and funny. Though bimbotic at times, spend enough time with him and you’d be nae nae-ing with him all day err day.

Sathia has hosted tons of events in his former Secondary School, Ngee Ann Poly and externally. Sathia also has a really strong passion for the arts. Not surprising as he has led his drama club in secondary school as their Chairperson and attained two gold and silver awards in the SYF. That’s not all there is to this chap, he’s also a HUGE gamer! If that doesn't sound interesting enough wait till you get a load of his voice; His voice is so deep, he puts Josh Turner to shame.

Where music is concerned, Sathia appreciates a variety of music genres as long as it's appealing to his ears. Some of his favourite artists are Kanye, Justin Timberlake, John Newman and Justin Bieber. Got a problem? fyt mi irl

He does the Indian accent pretty well too.

If you’d like to hear more of his deep, enrapturing voice, he hosts the Mustle Hustle show with his wonderful co-hosts Joseph and Faris every Friday from 2-4 pm, as they talk about everything manly.

Stefan Yeo
Stefan is a final year pharmacy science student. Although a bitter pill to swallow, the term ‘nerd’ perfectly encapsulates his life. You’ll only ever find him in his sanctuary, the library, either hard at work (watching YouTube) or taking a nice cozy nap.

Stefan also enjoys swiping his starbucks card and getting his latte fix, being the stereotypical white girl he is. Despite giving people the impression that he is a ball of awkward, Stefan is actually a different kind of ball. He is instead one who bounces up and down, left to right because he’s bubbly and friendly! Being part of last semester’s ‘YouTube show’, Stefan has developed an addiction for it and hence has ‘www.youtube.com’ as his default homepage. He fanboys over YouTubers such as Zoella, Tanya Burr & Tyler Oakley and spends most of his time watching gaming videos.

Hear him on air with Max on Food Fighters every Monday 4-6pm!

Amirah Hakim
This pun-loving girl loves everything that’s related to grunge, music and adventure! Amirah is a year one Film, Sound & Video student. She seems quiet at first but when you get to know her, she’s an extremely spontaneous and crazy girl. Her enthusiasm for life will spread to you like a virus!

Tea and bagels with a friend or two is what she enjoys. On a rainy day, she’s either snoozing away or writing lyrics. The girl absolutely loves her salad and Jansport bags. Don’t be fooled by her thin frame because this girl used to be a competitive swimmer and a soccer player back in the day. Amirah's favourite bands are 30 Seconds To Mars and Coldplay but, she what she loves even more are the voices of Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole. Oh, one last thing, Hakim is her name, not her dad’s.

Remember to tune in to her show, Focal Local, every Tuesday with Liane and Leon from 4 to 6pm!

Celeste Tolentino
Celeste is a first year Mass Communication student and an aspiring Media presenter who hopes to one day have a Master’s Degree in Media Law.

She loves to read, sappy romance novels mostly. An avid animal-lover, she has her very own ball of fur she named cotton because he literally looks like a cotton ball(she is convinced he is her soulmate). She also really loves food, it basically defines her happiness. She is the only child and contrary to popular belief, is not spoiled or lonely by any means. Her mom is her best friend and she tells tell her everything. Her dad’s Filipino, so yeah, he sings, like really well. She wanted to be a singer but it really didn’t take much for her to realise that she’s pretty much tone deaf. Dancing however is a very big part of her life and something she holds dearly to her heart.

She may come off as extremely unapproachable but trust me; it’s just her face. When you get to know her better, she is actually really quirky and loves cracking jokes. Music is the key to her soul but she doesn’t favour a specific genre of music. She's eclectic like that and that’s why she loves listening to the Radio cause that’s where it’s at.

Catch up with the latest hits with Ammzey and her on Heatwave Charts every Monday 12-2pm!

Elizabeth Phua
Elizabeth Phua
A Year Two Mass Communication student who’s nowhere near royalty, Elizabeth used to do quite a bit of emceeing for events in her secondary school days, such as the school’s 30th anniversary celebration and Valentines’ Day song dedication event.

A lover of Studio Ghibli films and thriller novels(especially stories that involve zombies, she can’t get enough of the undead), she usually listens to Glen Check and Giraffage, though you can also find out just who are her favourite EDM artistes simply by taking a glance off her laptop cover; it’s filled with stickers with artistes like Krewella and Cash Cash.

When not on air, she’s probably either lost somewhere thanks to her lack of a sense of direction (Yes, she can’t even work a GPS) or channeling her inner ailurophile at cat cafes. Or she’s probably somewhere with her friends, annoying the crap out of them with her ridiculous, though, you got to admit, occasionally hilarious puns.

One unique thing about Elizabeth is that she’s able to recall her dreams with (pretty much) absolute clarity. Yes, she’s a lucid dreamer. Hear her on Indie Evenings together with Sophia every Friday 4-6pm!

Ellie Nadhira
Ellie is a Year 2 Landscape Design & Horticulture student. She was born Chinese-Malay and would definitely be confused as a Chinese if she was not as tan as she is now.

She deems herself as an adrenaline junkie who loves theme parks to the moon and back. One time, she took the same roller coaster ride almost 10 times because she was obsessed with it. The icing on the cake was definitely losing her voice after all that. Being the ambitious kind, she would love to pursue her career as an architect and at the same time, be a DJ on one of Singapore’s national radio station (hopefully).

Ellie admires people who can sing very well. She prefers the acoustic version of a song to the studio version. It just sounds better. Her favourite singer at the moment would be Bruno Mars. She leans towards Indie music, sometimes Pop. However, for the most part, she doesn’t have any specific preference for music genres. If it sounds good, she will listen to it. Catch her with her fellow Chinese-Malay jock Shafiq on Throwback Thursday every Thursday 4-6pm!

Fiona Loh
Fiona Loh
“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all.” I am. No seriously, I am really fair.

The mirror is not only a reflective object for Fiona to admire herself in front of, it is also what helped develop her incessant need to talk. She spent her early years wondering if she was the weird one, but grew up to realise that talking to herself helped mould her path into presenting. She hosted her very first official event, the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, at 16 years old where she first met her mentor, Radio Deejay Mark Richmond. Fiona has never stopped hosting since and she has hosted events like “60 Seconds Challenge” and “Samsung Notw 4 Experience Show”.

While she is not talking to herself, you can bet that she is 1. watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S/Modern Family/2 Broke Girls/Running Man 2. shopping (online/literally) 3. dancing. Fiona is also obsessed with the world of burlesque and her ultimate girl crush is Dita Von Teese. Her not-so-secret dream is to become a madame (or mama-san) in a burlesque house and aiding her in becoming so is her strip, I mean pole dancing classes.

Fiona is hosting Femme Fatale every Mondays 2pm - 4pm. Boys are welcome too (ha-ha)!

Kimberly Anne Tan
Like a puppy chasing its tail, Kim has been chasing her dream of being a radio jock since she was a kid. Her career started with her playing songs on Windows Media Player and talking into a flashlight. If she had her way, every radio station would play nothing but rock and rap.

She loves anything scary - horror movies, Halloween, the prospect of growing up, etc. At the age of 19, she’s now the youngest jock in the history of Singapore’s #1 English radio station, Class 95FM. She also has behind-the-scenes experience of running a radio station, having been both the General Manager of Radio Heatwave and the Assistant Promotions Executive of Class 95FM.

Her second dream is to be a voice-over character for a video game. Her first is to spend all her time playing those games. Just like the puppy and its tail at the start of this paragraph, she’s just starting to realize the dream she wanted so badly was part of her all along. Chill out with Josh and her on Winddown Wednesday every Wednesday 4-6pm!

Liane Tan
Liane is a third-year Mass Communication student with the expertise of baking and cooing cats. The self-confessed type A also has an affinity for to-do lists and organising desktop icons.

Having just turned 20, she finds herself wedge in a quarter-life crisis where she spends a considerable amount of time fantasizing a paying job to eat pizza and watch Buzzfeed videos on end.

Liane has an eclectic taste in music, with the sounds of Kimbra, Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran, Alt-J and Charlie Lim among her most played.

Hear about her love for our local arts & crafts on Focal Local, every Tuesday from 4 - 6 pm, alongside Amirah and Leon!

Michelle Lee S.H.
Michelle tells people she’s a year one Film, Sound & Video student, but she’s really a sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Michelle can be rather strange and enjoys doing things in public that may make you want to run away from her.

Dance is a big part of her life, her favourite genre being tap because she gets to make music with her feet. There’s something about rhythm and harmonies that completely fascinate her. Michelle doesn’t lean toward a specific style of music but once she discovers a song she loves, she will loop it all night long. She appreciates alone time and loves to curl up in bed re-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or reading Shakespeare who, by the way, has some of the most genius insults ever.

Michelle is mad about musicals and wishes she could watch one every day. She dreams of one day waking up to a white Christmas, because it will be magical and she can finally make herself a bunch of new snow friends.

Join her on the Live Well show with Shafey every Tuesday from 2-4p.m.!

Miranda Ho
Don't be fooled by her girly smile and demure demeanour. She's a hardcore rocker chick at heart. Falling In Reverse, Black Veil Brides and Pierce The Veil are her jam.

Being a Year 2 Mass Communication student, you often find her ogling at advertisements around the campus. Miranda is also a huge foodie. Chocolate? Ice cream? Pancakes? Yes please.

Oh and if you think she looks familiar, maybe you've seen her on YouTube! She has hosted and sang for many events like the Singapore Street Festival, ChildAid and charitable causes. Miranda has also acted on Okto's musical drama series "After School" and done voiceovers for "Ollie and Friends" Seasons 2 and 3.

Catch her on the TGIW show every Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm for the latest scoop on the Singapore's clubbing scene! Also, watch out for the zouk passes up for grabs every week!

Regin Ho
More easily recognised as the tree of FMS, Regin is in her first year in Mass Communication. Her interests vary from eating excessively, crying over her weight, being rude, playing volleyball, gig-going, stalking bands, to cosplaying.

Other than being a sucker for anything acoustic (and sashimi), Regin listens to anything that has a good supply of guitar riffs, and a heavy dose of bass and drums - indie, metalcore, pop punk, J-rock, hardcore, and a little dash of skramz. Moreover, she’s an avid supporter of the local rock music scene! #SUPPORTLOCAL

Being exposed to the rock scene has definitely honed her musical skills as she’s proven to be talented in playing the triangle, air-guitaring, and singing in the shower.

Join her on the greener side of the grass every Monday 2-4pm on Femme Fatale with Fiona!

Shafiqa Amira
First disciple of Katy Perry. This blob of obnoxious is in her last lap of mass communication and is hoping to continue her studies to Uni….qlo. Shafey is the definition of balance, the malay yin and yang.

She can be rather loud and down to earth but she really enjoys rainy days alone and getting lost at Dempsey Hill searching for some tranquility (or basically some hipster cafe because she’s pretentious like that).

When she’s not busy questioning life, Shafey enjoys being reckless and impulsive - she can be a redhead one week and a have bright turquoise streaks the next, constantly designing her next Tumblr theme, go on a massive Harry Potter marathon or just end up on the weird side of YouTube.

Catch her on Live Well, every Tuesday 2-4pm as she struggles to talk about eating overnight oatmeal for breakfast instead of a double chocolate muffin from Starbucks with her partner, Mitch.

Sophia Hyder
Sophia is a Year 2 Mass Communication student and she's all set to take on another stint on Radio Heatwave on the Indie Evening with Liz every Friday 4-6pm!

With biting remarks and chilly sarcasm, she's not one to hold back on what she really thinks (especially about how Community took a turn for the worst from season 3 onwards, because REALLY? THAT bad?). Despite her permanent mildly disgusted expression, Sophia enjoys kicking back with her friends over a couple of drinks and many, many chicken wings, and, of course, not exercising more than anything. Well, actually, she loves Kristen Stewart the most (but they prefer to keep their relationship on the down low, so shh!)

Actually, you know what, I lied. Sorry. Someone inform Kristen Stewart that she needs to stay away from Sophia.

One piece of advice from her: "No boys, no parties, no summoning spirits." You'll thank her one day.

Ysabel Yaneza
In her final year as a Film, Sound & Video student, Ysabel has fulfilled everything she hoped to do in poly and that includes coming into Radio Heatwave for the 6th semester!

She aspires to be in the movie and/or music industry one day. Since being in Heatwave, she has had opportunities to interview celebrities and personalities such as Walk Off The Earth and Dee Kosh. She has also hosted for events such as the Youth Olympic Games 2010 and 10.20 – UrbanWire’s and RadioHeatwave’s Birthday Bash @ Zouk in 2012.

Other than hosting, she spends time producing her own videos, acting, singing and experimenting with electronic music. The hosting skills she’s picked up as a radio DJ has definitely shaped her to be a better performer and presenter. Ysabel has also contributed to the station by creating and managing “MicroHeatwave”, Radio Heatwave’s official YouTube channel.

Many internet people often mistaken her as a 40-year-old man who works a 9-to-5 job but that’s because her Spotify playlists is filled with the hits of the 80s and 90s, and that includes Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. (She’s been a fan of Mark Wahlberg ever since.)

Catch her with Ameer Hamzah on Battle of the Sexes with Ameer Hamzah every Thursday 2-4pm!


"What's Heating Up Our Airwaves"

10AM - 12PM
Feeling sleepy after a rough Sunday night? Missed your breakfast cause you rushed out to be on time? Have your coffee and toast fill with the Morning Jam where we’ll ease you into a new day with great music and even greater DJs, Magdelene, Shafiq and Dhurrgah!

Spread your strawberry jam, listen to your jam and avoid the morning traffic jam! We can’t promise you will be full but we can promise that you’ll come back for more. Jam with the Heatwave management from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 12noon :)

12PM - 02PM
Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and One Direction your kinda thing? Tune in to Celeste and Ameer as they bring you the weekly chart toppers fresh.

From celeb news, to the latest news, Heatwave Charts brings you the hottest thing that’s in right now. It’s a catch-up sesh with your friend on air every Monday 12-2pm!

02PM - 04PM
Sugar, spice and everything nice is what happens every Monday 2-4pm on the Femme Fatale show. You know the latest top hits, food joints and the hottest movie in town, why not about the latest trend as well! It's a date with Fiona and Regin!
04PM - 06PM
‘Steak and scones may break my bones, but food and chips excite me’.

Well, if food excites you, join the Food Fighters with Max and Stefan every Monday 4-6PM where we talk about all the meals to make you squeal. All the food trends, from cronuts to wonut and ramen burgers to mac & cheese burgers, we’ll definitely leave you salivating and craving for more!

10AM - 12PM
Feeling sleepy after a rough Sunday night? Missed your breakfast cause you rushed out to be on time? Have your coffee and toast fill with the Morning Jam where we’ll ease you into a new day with great music and even greater DJs, Magdelene, Shafiq and Dhurrgah!

Spread your strawberry jam, listen to your jam and avoid the morning traffic jam! We can’t promise you will be full but we can promise that you’ll come back for more. Jam with the Heatwave management from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 12noon :)

12PM - 02PM

It doesn’t matter if you like it sweet, salted or mixed, you’re part of the family if you’re into big screens, comfy chairs and scrumptious popcorn! Join us every Tuesdays 12-2pm for your latest movie trivia, celebrity gossip and good ol’ solid fun and laughter!

Come get fat on popcorn with us as we uncover wonderful new movies and disscover the other not so wonderful ones, only on the hottest thing on campus - Radio Heatwave! Oh… and did we mention that we’re giving out movie passes too?!

02PM - 04PM

Wondering how to lose that holiday weight? Is sleep really for the weak? Not to worry, for on the Live Well show it’s all about mind over platter!

Every Tuesday from 2-4p.m., Sha and Michelle will be giving you little tips and tricks on how to be good to yourself, and feel good about yourself. Happiness is a choice, and there’s no way we’re letting you leave our show uninspired. We guarantee you an OM-azing time!

04PM - 06PM
Singapore’s golden jubilee year has arrived and this is the show that will get you standing up for Singapore! Join Amirah, Liane and Leon as they celebrate Singapore’s very own homegrown artistes and fill you in on what’s in and what’s not on this little red dot.

Lepak with tunes from Sam Willows, Nathan Hartono, Daphne Khoo and Charlie Lim! Tune in every Tuesdays from 4 to 6pm for your weekly dose of local music!

10AM - 12PM
Feeling sleepy after a rough Sunday night? Missed your breakfast cause you rushed out to be on time? Have your coffee and toast fill with the Morning Jam where we’ll ease you into a new day with great music and even greater DJs, Magdelene, Shafiq and Dhurrgah!

Spread your strawberry jam, listen to your jam and avoid the morning traffic jam! We can’t promise you will be full but we can promise that you’ll come back for more. Jam with the Heatwave management from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 12noon :)

12PM - 02PM
Bo lui jia png but still wanna jiak kim? This is the show proudly sponsored by Zouk to grab your TGIW passes (and limited Bulletproof for the girls!) Don’t knock down our doors though! Magdelene and Miranda still want to be in the conty to be play you the most body-mashing EDM, electronica, house mix to keep your midweek recharged every Wednesday 12-2pm.

Don’t be surprised if you hear Calvin Harris more than thrice in an hour though, he’s our favourite artiste! Hear our jam to keep yourself awake during those intense study sesh. Work hard, party harder!

02PM - 04PM
Sun’s out, guns out and rock out with your jocks Joel and Khoon Mun. Get ready to headbang to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and more as you let out some steam shredding away your midweek blues every wednesday from 2-4pm, while the big man with the bass and the cyclist with plenty of treble play your favourite hardcore jams (strawberry) on the only show on campus where the DJs rock more than the station!
04PM - 06PM
Assignments got you down? Tired of Mondays, and the rest of the week doesn’t look any better? Let Kim and Joshua help you relax with soothing tunes and funny tales as you take a break in the middle of the week. The Hottest Thing on Campus cools down from 4pm - 6pm on Wind Down Wednesday. Chill out!
10AM - 12PM
Feeling sleepy after a rough Sunday night? Missed your breakfast cause you rushed out to be on time? Have your coffee and toast fill with the Morning Jam where we’ll ease you into a new day with great music and even greater DJs, Magdelene, Shafiq and Dhurrgah!

Spread your strawberry jam, listen to your jam and avoid the morning traffic jam! We can’t promise you will be full but we can promise that you’ll come back for more. Jam with the Heatwave management from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 12noon :)

12PM - 02PM
Radio within radio, who would have thought? With over 20 million songs in Spotify's music library, your DJs Danish and Rishiiy, have taken the monumental task of mixing global hits, curating hidden gems and defining an audiophile-worthy taste list of music - all for your effortless, listening pleasure - on the aptly-named Spotify Show, every Thursdays from 12-2pm. Oh, and while you're at it, make sure to send us music for your friends and from your favourite celebrities, and we'll do the rest.
02PM - 04PM
Girls can wear pants but guys can’t wear skirts? When guys share their writing, they’re brave but when girls share their writing, they’re over-emotional?

Whose side are you on? Tune in to the ultimate feminist and meninist show, Battle Of The Sexes with the hottest co-hosts Ameer H and Ysabel, every Thursday 2-4pm on the hottest thing on campus, Radio Heatwave.

04PM - 06PM
Miss the moments where you stood on the steps of your Kampong, sipping that cup of Teh and seeing everyone kick around a chap-teh? Well miss no more with Throwback Thursday where we play the great hits everyone grew up with! Backstreet Boys, Westlife, you want it, we have it! Set your filters to Sepia, get your oldies mood on and tune in every Thursdays, 4-6pm with Shafiq and Ellie!
10AM - 12PM
Feeling sleepy after a rough Sunday night? Missed your breakfast cause you rushed out to be on time? Have your coffee and toast fill with the Morning Jam where we’ll ease you into a new day with great music and even greater DJs, Magdelene, Shafiq and Dhurrgah!

Spread your strawberry jam, listen to your jam and avoid the morning traffic jam! We can’t promise you will be full but we can promise that you’ll come back for more. Jam with the Heatwave management from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 12noon :)

12PM - 02PM
“geek” |giːk| (origin) late 19th cent.: related to Dutch word “gek”, meaning ‘mad, silly’.

Rejoice, all ye sci-fi/comic/videogame/techie zealots! That’s right, the Geek Speak show is basically the cool version of uncool before uncool became cool. Every Friday, commencing from 1200 to 1400 hours, our resident oddballs Chris and Jon embark with you on a quest to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, and boldly go where no man has gone before.

Bonus round: if you understood that reference in the last sentence within 9.1939 seconds, you are automatically 11.38% cooler.

02PM - 04PM
Want to listen to manly hits, get your latest sports news, and get the babes all at the same time? Lepak with RHW's resident anjek, matrep and ah beng on Muscle Hustle. Sathia, Faris and Joseph will also run through all things that would exponentially increase your testosterone levels. Catch them every Friday from 2 - 4 PM only on the most macho show on the hottest thing on campus!
04PM - 06PM
In the evening? Indie evening. How punny.

As the name goes, tune in Fri 4-6pm for your dose of eclectic indie tunes with best buddies Soph & Liz for a lil something different to end your week. Have a dose of something a lil different to end your week.


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