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"We're RadioHeatwave but... You can call us tonight."

RadioHeatwave is Singapore's first campus radio station, with well-known alumni such as Jean Danker, Vernetta Lopez, Justin Ang, Sonia Chew and many more.

We are a youth-led campus radio station, which aims to provide Ngee Ann Polytechnic students with great music and programmes from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm.

With a state-of-the-art LIVE radio studio similar to MediaCorp's, our listeners (17 - 25 years old) can tune in to our station through our school’s intranet or down at the Atrium, a popular campus hang-out site.


"The People Behind The Voices"

Programme Director
Website Manager
"Rayen is a year two Mass Communication Student. Being a slightly awkward penguin, she takes her time to open up to people – only if they are nice. Rayen enjoys taking photos, and recently has taken interest in designing and coding because she enjoys torturing herself productively.

Being 19 years old, Rayen is taking her time to explore the various career paths in life and if she ever finds ‘The One’, Rayen is confident that she will be committed to it for the rest of her life. In the meantime, for each and every task that is given to her, she will definitely give it her best. Rayen believes her tendency to take her time to assess situations and issues is a double edged sword but she is determined to use it to her advantage at all times. With Rayen’s quiet demeanor, you would be surprised that one her favourite activities in the world is actually to watch PewDiePie play different kinds of games on Youtube.

Twitter: @1cesarsalad
Kim is a budding radio jock – after coming in 3rd in 2012, she was offered a weekend slot on Class 95FM, Singapore’s #1 English radio station. You can hear her every Saturday and some weekdays from 11am to 3pm.

Her music taste includes hip-hop/rap, rock, indie music, dance tracks and – yes, she’s not afraid to admit it – pop hits too. Although music is a huge part of her life, only bad things can happen when you put an instrument in her hand.

Besides, Kim also has an affinity for advertising, PR and marketing. She was the Head of Marketing for SGNewWave, a film appreciation club in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), and is currently both the General Manager and Marketing Director for Radio Heatwave, NP’s campus radio station.

Kim prides herself on her (hopefully) good sense of humour, and feels that everything is better with a few laughs. Though she may not look it, she is an avid fan of video games. That’s why, while she loves the work she’s doing at Class 95FM right now, there is one job that she hopes to have a chance to try out some time in her life – a voiceover talent for a video game character.

Jon, a third-year Mass Communication student, is a man of many adjectives: eccentrically melodramatic, relatively self-confident, optimistically happy, exceedingly magniloquent, cognitively hyperkinetic, ineffably geeky, quite random, decidedly unusual, resoundingly unique, deeply principled, dangerously passionate, overwhelmingly compassionate, astutely observant, unrelentingly altruistic. He's an introvert that walks with his mind, pretending to be an extrovert that runs with his heart.

He indulges in just about everything – fine literature, science fiction, stupid memes, smart philosophies; you'll find just about everything on his iTunes library too. A full decade of living overseas as a globe-trekking, third-culture kid will do that to you. He also has an uncanny knack for rhythm, an ear for melody and a poet's eye for metaphor; a combination that waltzes along the borderlands of genius and insanity.

Catch him spinning the latest dancefloor heatseekers on TGIW, every Wednesday from 12 to 2pm!
Ashraf Azhar
Fun, funny and absolutely insane. That briefly sums up Mr Ashraf.

A strong advocate for the arts and a humble bathroom singer, Ashraf's passion for music started from his first cry at Thompson Medical Center. He spends most of his time with his loved ones, discovering the hottest new cafés and appearing at hipster events. He hopes to explore the world and ultimately make a difference in the social arts scene.

Catch him on Campus Craze every Thursday 4-6pm, with his equally ridiculous show partners, Kianne and Ellie where they discuss all things on campus.
Elisha Chong
"Lame, and not just when seated, Elisha can spout nonsense and make puns all day with the occasional deep quote that leaves him wondering where in the world it came from.

A year 2 Pharmacy science student, Elisha has a passion for the Arts. He spends his free time with his loved ones, dancing, watching productions, visiting museums, adventuring and sleeping. Sometimes all at once. Not so much the all rounder he used to be, Elisha gyms Whenever he gets the chance when he finds himself staring at the bottom of yet another tub of Ben&Jerry’s.

This peculiar combination of hobbies and the like helps keep Elisha’s testosterone levels at a constant high to bring you the best and always correct manliest perspective of life and life’s happenings on the Battle Of The Sexes with Kim every Tuesday from 4-6pm."
Elmer Palos
Elmer is a year 1 Mass Communication student, currently hosting TGIW every Wednesday from 12 to 2pm with Jonathan! Yes - the clubbing show. Even though he hasn't been to a club. Well, not yet anyway!

He's got a great flair for singing and he usually bursts into random jamming sessions with his friends, much to the annoyance of everyone else. It’s kind of like High School Musical but with loads of people staring.

Mean Girls is his all-time favourite movie; he inserts quotes from the film into his conversations once in a while. He's not like a regular jock, he's a *cool* jock! He also tries to make fetch happen, though it’s not gonna happen.

He rocks the smart casual look and takes selfies with a DSLR. He lives for IKEA Meatballs and new chapters of Attack on Titan. He wears beanies in the hot weather and listens to Swedish metal. He takes on a different persona when listening to fierce women rap and his hands are real fit from all the scrolling he does daily on Tumblr.

In short, he’s cool and quirky; served with a piece of cherry on top. Look out for him when he comes on air!
Emillio Rodriguez
Did video really kill the radio star? Well, aspiring TV producer & filmmaker Emillio thinks otherwise. The Year 2 Mass Communication student initially had his mind set to be a radio DJ. However, he realized that he had a strong passion in video production. One of his many dreams is to direct or produce a local drama for Channel 8. Yes, he enjoys watching local content - especially intense Chinese dramas.

Workaholism aside, Emillio enjoys sipping his Salted Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks and exploring new places and new cafés. As much as it seems that he constantly require company every waking hour, he enjoys alone time for him to reflect and navigate his next move in life. He seeks that forbidden companion that he may never have.

Serving RadioHeatwave for four semesters in a row, Emillio hosts the Muscle Hustle show with the other noisy partner Joel Ng.
Gevin Yaneza
With the killer combination of playing basketball and singing, Gevin is often confused by people as the Troy Bolton of NP. Colourful is a way to describe Gevin as he comes from international Business but yet loves Radio, Movies and pretty much the Arts.

A believer of true love, he loves singing love songs and watching romantic stories (the fault in our stars .....his life long goal is to be just like Augustus Waters). Gevin can cook you dinner, can buy you flowers, can take you to the beach, can bring you star gazing, can write you cute notes, and most importantly he is a good listener to your problems and offers you his care.

Aside from his remarkable qualities, he loves Strawberries as they are sweet.....after all, you are what you eat.

Constantly bickering with his sister at home, he now has to do double duty as he bickers with his Sister, Ysabel, on his show, Sibling Rivalry, every Thursday from 2-4pm. Tune in to enjoy the love-hate relationship of the Yaneza Siblings!
Joel Ng
Awesomely fat. Need more be said? Joel thinks that his true calling might be comedy and proved it by winning his Secondary School’s talent competition for just that. He claims that people never believe him when he says he’s funny but figures that it just means he’s unbelievably funny.

In desperate need of a good diet plan but in more desperate need for good food, Joel is a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi but a dietary democrat (he just made that up). Having emceed for several events in Secondary School, he loves the sound of his voice and feels that he has an obligation to share it with the rest of the world.

Joel also has a problem maintaining his ego but it doesn’t matter to him because he’s amazing. Or so he thinks. Catch Joel on Muscle Hustle, Tuesdays 12pm - 2pm with Milo!
Joseph SOH
"As an MCM freshie, Joseph enjoys having the opportunity to understand and discover how the media works. As nerdy as it sounds, Joseph believes that understanding how things work allows you to make use of it in the best way. From broadcasting on radio to acting to directing, it is Joseph’s dream to reach the masses and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Outside school, Joseph’s music tastes are rather main stream- Adam Lambert and Katy Perry make up the majority of his playlist with a dose of Christina Perri and Maroon 5 to follow. He’s also a passionate Man United fan who screams at his TV and/or throws things around when they aren’t winning. Other than Man Utd, Joseph’s other passion is food – throw him anything from a burger or a steak or sashimi, Joseph will gobble it up, so long as it’s not the dreaded veggies (explains his size).

On RHW, Joseph promises a passionate take on food plus a ride on the wilder, lighter side of life. Put on your earplugs when he laughs though! ;)"
Joshua Tan
This long-suffering Year 2 Mass Communications student has been in more CCA's than he can remember: Uniformed Groups, Arts, Competitive CCA's and Sports. Radio Heatwave is his latest endeavour and he is thrilled to be a member of this team.

He is proud of his pretentious taste in music, in which the unheard of genre of ""Trailer Music"" features prominently, and is thus absolutely clueless when you mention anything pop-culture-ish to him.

He spends his spare time exercising, playing pretentious computer games, pretentious acting, and sometimes pretentiously screaming at cats, though not all at the same time.

Catch him on Throwback Thursdays, every, well...Thursday from 10-12pm, where he hopes you will come and perhaps listen to him struggle with bygone pop culture due to his ludicrous musical tastes.
Faris Zlatan
"Faris is the livewire of every group, and only wants to share an enjoyable experience with anyone he converses with. He believes that his physical macho-ness and vast knowledge on the sporting scene makes him the "Abang Sports" in the station. Outside of sport, he strives to make positive differences in the lives of his peers, as well as his listeners everyday, no matter how small it may seem to be.

Often known as the guy who says what he means and means what he says, Faris’ determination is unparalleled once he sets his mind to completing a task. “Go je, don’t scared, no fear!”

Faris is a second year Mass Communication Student and is half of “Sport-ify”, which airs every Tuesday from 2PM – 4PM."
Danish Lukawski
"With a name akin to pastry, Danish is nothing short of trying out all sorts of things to fill his time. A techie who happens to prefer the more open crowd; he's always up for making new friends, learning something new and sharing life's tips and tricks. With a knack for organising events and connecting people, this social butterfly knows how to make even the most difficult strangers talk. On the flip side, this extrovert needs his own quiet time too, in which he uses it to express his inner thoughts, through his photography and writing.

Most of all, this guy loves tech and games, one which he displays through his gadgets, gizmos and games list. End the week with a bang and kick off your weekends, by unleashing your inner geek and learn what’s geek-culture-cool in you, on GEEKOUT, every Friday from 12pm to 2pm. Who knows; you just might find your latest gaming or tech addiction, with songs to match!"
Martin Azmi
"Martin is greatly attached to the sea (anything nautical), spending most of his free time at the beach with his dog, a riveting novel, and a hot cuppa. On most weekends he’d sail out with friends to simply take in the beauty of it all. Being sensitive by nature, Martin also enjoys channeling his feelings into poetry. His relaxed and “lepak” personality makes him a brilliant listener too! His life is pretty much laid back and he prefers quiet places because he cannot stand 5 minutes swallowed up in crazy crowds. His music taste varies from electronic music, to a lot of underground independent, and occasionally R&B.

Catch Martin with Diyanah on Wayback Wednesday, Wednesdays 4pm-6pm. "
Riishiiy s/o Vijiya
RISH s/o Vijiya
"is basically the type of laid-back guy who likes to see everyone get along. He has been the resident emcee for various events in secondary school such as Racial Harmony Day, National Day, Total Defense Day, and an intra-school inter-class sports fiesta, for an event known as Friends of Singa.

He has also participated in a research conducted by IKEA and WWF Singapore and has presented in front of the top brass of those companies before. By leading his secondary school CCA first as a PR head and later moving on to become its president, Rish has gained much experience and has learnt how to socialise with people of all ages. Also taking part in a video making competition organised by the National History Museum of Singapore, he has learnt much from the various industry professionals.

A closet horror buff, Rish is the kind of guy his friends go to when they need help with things or when they simply want to chill. Speaking of chill, if you guys need something to chill with just tune in to The YouTube Show, hosted by non other than Rish and his two fantabulous co-hosts
Travis Chan
Travis used to be overweight and managed to lose most of his weight by not eating fast food, for the reason that the cashiers will always ask him, “May I have your order, ma’am?” He has since decided to patron Char Siew Rice stalls instead, and that’s why he hosts the Heatwave CHARts show (I’m not sorry, I tried) with Andrea on Mondays from 12pm – 2pm.

Already a final-year Mass Communication student, he has fallen into an irreparable state of insanity and fails to realise he is a mess. Radio Heatwave has nurtured Travis’ hidden passion for radio, but also made him realise his hidden tendencies of being too crude and rude (oopsie whoopsie!), thus making him unfit for the radio industry.

Nonetheless, Travis still enjoys presenting, public speaking and taking the taxi to school every morning.
Sathia s/o Selvam
Sathia is actually quite loud and weirdly funny, with his little gang of misfits at least. Though the 19 year old may seem like an awkward turtle at times, Sathia’s a real outgoing person that isn't afraid to try new things.

Sathia has hosted tons of events in Chua Chu Kang Secondary School and Ngee Ann Poly, like Chua Chu Kangs 20th Anniversary and the NP’s Free Ice Cream Day! If that doesn't sound interesting enough wait till you get a load of his voice; His voice is so deep, he completes a bass choir. Sathia also has a really strong passion for the arts. Not surprising as he has led his drama club in Chua Chu Kang Secondary School as their Chairperson in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and attained two gold awards and one silver award. That’s not all there is to this fun loving chap, he’s also a HUGE gamer! He’s been playing console, handheld and computer games since he was a little kid!

Where music is concerned, Sathia appreciates a variety of music genres as long as it's appealing to his ears.

If you’d like to hear more of his deep, enrapturing voice, he hosts the Geekout show with his wonderful co-hosts, Danish and Izza every Friday from 12-2pm, as they talk about everything tech savvy as they bring you the latest geek news.

He does the Indian accent pretty well too.
Stefan Yeo
"TA self proclaimed ‘nerd’ vs a true nerd? Stefan, a final year Pharmacy science student who finds his work rather encapsulating, is definitely, without doubt a true nerd. If he isn’t studying away in the library, he’d most likely be thinking of what to eat next or what would happen if a person were to ingest 50 Panadol tablets at one go.

Stefan enjoys being a stereotypical white girl at starbucks, buying drinks for a movie marathon while snuggled happily under the covers. With a strong passion for staying in bed and being glued to his computer screen, Stefan is a YouTube fanboy, following the vlogs of various YouTubers such as Tyler Oakley, Joe Sugg and Tanya Burr.

Despite giving people the impression that he is a ball of awkward, Stefan is actually a different kind of ball. One who bounces up and down, left to right because he’s bubbly, friendly and works well with everyone.

Catch Stefan on the ‘YouTube Show’ every Monday from 4PM - 6PM with the hip and funky fresh DJs, Sharon and Rishiiy, where we talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING YouTube."
Khoon Mun Tong
Khoon Mun Tong
Nothing says “the whole world owes me a million dollars” better than that permanent scowl on his face, but inside Khoon mun can be the quirkiest wack one will ever meet. He also has an unhealthy (or rather overly-healthy) obsession with the sport of cycling, “a sport that when you get good enough at,” he claims, “will turn you into a god of ancient lore, a legend.” Sounds like the delusions of a person who only does leg days and spends too much time spinning his feet in circles.

Having one of the most difficult names to pronounce on-air with a funny ang- mor accent does not inhibit his passion for a certain tongue-twisting genre of music, his only other real love: Underground Rap. The crackles of the minimally produced tracks, interweaved with complex rhymes simply intrigue him. Unfortunately, the power of influence derived from the unconventional lyrics mean that he has a crude way with his words as well.

It is this common lust for nonconformity that has him hosting the Indie Evenings show (Fridays 4-6pm) with Shaista.

He’s looking at you right now, his gaze piercing through the walls. Tune in and don’t judge, or he’ll be standing over your bed tonight.
Andrea Tan
Andrea Tan, 18 this year. An avid reader and a curious learner, she enjoys exploring her surroundings and is a traveller by heart. Really fond of the smell from cake boxes and bookstores; new books! She enjoy hosting and have hosted various school events in my secondary school – Honours' Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day, investitures, just to name a few.
Currently a jock in Radio Heatwave, hosting the Heatwave Charts with Travis on Mondays 12pm - 2pm, she can guarantee that Heatwave IS the hottest thing, ever.
Celestine is currently a first year Mass Communication student and an aspiring radio DJ, who has a strange (not really when she explains it) fear of drains. When she was 4, her mother and her fell into this huge drain and one of the drain grills literally impaled her chin and now she has this nasty hole there.

In Celestine's free time she likes to read mostly sappy romance novels. With a deep love for animals, she has a very own ball of fur, named cotton because he literally looks like a cotton ball.

A self-professed seafood lover, but she doesn't really eat fish (WHAT?!). Celestine's dad insists her mom over-fed her fish as a child. Celestine is the only child in the family, so her relationship with her parents is awesome. Her mom is like her best friend to her, and she literally tells her everything. And her dad sings, like really well. Celestine loves to sing although she's not necessarily good at it. Dancing, however, is a very big part of her life and something she holds dearly to her heart.

Catch Celestine and Faris on Sport-ify on Tuesdays, 2pm - 4pm.
Naomi Chia
Look at Ary, now look at your girlfriend. Ary has this thing that she doesn't & that is her gorgeously massive hair!

A 3rd year business student, Ary's quirky personality and ""Do Or Die"" way of life makes her the other half of the curly-gang in Female Frenzy! Her interest in emceeing and networking makes her the ideal person for both business and pleasure!

Besides emceeing, Ary has a keen interest in events planning which she aspires to do professionally one day. So if you're looking for someone who is fun and dynamic, Ary is your girl!
Ellie Nadhira
Ellie is a Year 2 student, taking the Landscape Design & Horticulture course. She especially loves pizza, and red is her favourite colour. She is an active netball player, but she gamely tries out the other sports out there too. No to football only because she can never kick the ball without stumbling over.

Ellie cannot swim but she have snorkelled before. And she almost drowned. Just like everyone else, slow internet kills her slowly inside out. Ellie listens to a wide range of music, some of which are from Lionel Ritchie, Frank Ocean to even Lady Gaga. Her my all-time favourite band would be (hands down) the Backstreet Boys.

Catch Ellie on Campus Craze with Ashraf, and Kianne on Thursdays 4pm - 6pm.
Izza Hazira
Izza is a final year Mass communication student who believes in the kindness of strangers and the power of rock and roll. With her default angry face, Izza may seem like just another stuck up face in the crowd but in reality she's just one crazy and loud chick (despite her size). She will definitely keep you entertained with her bad jokes and crazy antics and likes to believe that people are laughing with her, not at her.

Jokes aside, Izza puts her heart and soul in all that she does and strives for the best for herself and those around her. With her determination and passion, she hopes to change lives and feed every cat in the world.

She enjoys going on adventures and making wacky videos but on lazy days you'll find her at the beach just chilling or meowing at birds, all set with a box of pizza and a beach playlist consisting of music of any genre - from post-hardcore to indie - as long as Taylor Swift is not in it!

Catch Izza with her co-hosts Sathia & Danish on Geek Out every Friday 12pm - 2pm!
Miki Charwin
A Year 2 Mass Communications student, frequently mistaken for a very famous Disney character, Miki despite being in a bubble of awkwardness at first, is fuelled mainly by hyperbole and bursts of spontaneity.

Award seasons are the bane of her existence, film is her organised religion and she goes to the church of Meryl Streep. She's into everything from old Hollywood to rock to Pre-Raphaelites to video games. Passionate about the arts, design and so hopelessly devoted to cinema, vintage and unconventional things.

Catch her every Fridays from 2PM to 4PM with her partners Sophia and Amirah where the celebrities are disposable but the reviews are priceless.
Kianne Lim
A Second Year International Business student, Kianne wants to travel around the world despite her horrible sense of direction. You wouldn’t believe she got lost once in a toilet before, would you? (And you’d think that there’s only one way out of a washroom.)

Kianne’s love for performing started at a young age. After landing her first role as Pocahontas in a school musical, she found her passion in acting. From a 5 year-old kid to a 70 year-old granny, Kianne certainly explored many different characters. She enjoys taking on roles like the gangster girl in her senior’s film (just because she is a goody-two-shoes in reality really). Finishing off the kick-ass action killing zombies with a pistol, Kianne was also nominated for the Best Actress in 2012 The New Paper’s 2nd First Film Festival.

As an emcee who hosted many school events, this girl prefers to stand in front of a crowd. Not that she is seeking for attention in the most conspicuous manner, nor is she looking for an elevated presence to complement her height complex, Kianne actually has a slight fear of crowds. She does enjoy her emcee job however, because she gets to hear her lovely voice over the loud, booming sound system (kidding!).

Kianne hopes to brighten up your day, if you’d just tune into Campus Craze (4-6pm) on Thursdays."
Shaista Dinis
Shaista is a Year 3 Mass Communication student with a strong passion for radio and music. A wholesome devotee to the sounds of Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood and Hurts, it's only fitting that she is hosting Indie Evenings with her show partner Khoon Mun every Friday from 4 - 6PM.

An avant-garde, she loves coming up with new content to entertain - be it in her school work or everyday life. Illustrating is Shaista's forté, and you can catch her doodling away in her own spare time (and on her lecture notes). She also sings whenever she can. One can say that music is her religion.

At the end of the day, what makes Shaista who she is has to be her fun-loving nature. Comedy is her favourite genre and humor (however inappropriate), plays a vital role in helping her get through the turmoils of adolescence.
Nur Amirah
This Year 1 Film, Sound & Video student is often found sneaking into her brother’s room to “borrow” his clothes. The grunge-lover has a whole guide on how to pick the right flannels plus she’s always wearing her boots and jeans.

Being a nerd at heart, she loves to bury herself in math problems while listening to Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. When she’s not doing all that, you’ll probably spot her watching television dramas and getting even more dramatic than the show itself, throwing tantrums and sobbing because of the show.

Amirah is the world record holder for the biggest weirdo and let her enchant you as she walks into glass doors. She believes that she has some sort of gender crisis because she keeps walking into the wrong toilet. In addition, her logic and theories will certainly get you listening and laughing.

This band geek extremely loves puns and lame jokes and who knows, if you tell her one, she might even make you some brownies (even though she hates them). On a rainy day, you’ll often see her with her guitar, writing sappy love songs at some corner.

Be sure to catch Amirah with her lipstick on, every Friday from 2 to 4PM on the Cinemania show together with Miki and Sophia!

Lynette Lee
With a weaknesss for all things pink and glitter, Lynette's like a white girl trapped in an asian body. But of course, there's more to this girl than just rainbows and unicorns. She constantly hosts in-school events as she hopes to hone her skills in hosting and hopefully, to have her own talk show someday, like Ellen!

From fantasies of being a supermodel to dreams of living happily ever after with her Prince Charming, Lynette struggles with balancing her dreams with reality. Like any other, she's still finding her place in this world.

Lynette hosts Femme Fatale show with her quirky co-host, Naomi every Tuesday from 02pm-04pm. So throw it all behind, cuz it's time for a throwback!
Diyanah Afendy
"Diyanah Afendy is a Year 3 Mass Communication student. A curious-minded young girl, she is always looking forward to the many adventures life has to offer and is ever ready to seize any opportunities that come her way! This bubbly, jovial, ball of energy easily adapts to different situations and stays true to her favourite quote, “there is nothing worse than being ordinary”.

Usually seen in corners eating balut, this Pinlay chick is sure to rock the airwaves with her really punny jokes – no, I’m not imitating how my mom speaks – and stories of her amusing misadventures. She loves listening to indie music as well as good song covers. Also known to many of her friends as “dat hiphop happenin’ dancer”, Diy secretly aspires to be a cat instead. Meow.

Catch her live on air every Wednesday, with her bimbotic partner, Martin, on Way Back Wednesdays, as they serve you classic hits and classic tales from 4 – 6pm. Like what they say, “you can buy school but you can’t buy class” …well, this duo is the closest you’ll get ;-)”
Lorde Sharon
"A second year banking and finance student, Sharon is everything but the girl you would imagine sitting at the bank telling people, “hey ho lets go waste all your hard earned money on some illustrious plan or the other.” She’d rather be writing pages and pages about the things that go on in her brain, talking her head off, and singing or rather what she thinks is singing (everyone else just thinks its noise.)

Skariah is like a jack in the box, shy awkward and quiet at first, but once you break that first layer crazy is all you will get. It starts with her laughter and loudness, but the best part is obviously her hair which is larger than life itself. Some are rather mean and tell her she looks like Hagrid but others who love her say she reminds them of Lorde.

Sharon enjoys sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and Benedict Cumberbatch, (one of her many obsessions). She is proud to be Indian and isn’t afraid to admit that she enjoys Bollywood over Hollywood (Indian men are just better.) Plus she spends ALL her extra time on youtube which is why you should totes.

Catch her on The YouTube Show show every Monday from 4-6pm with her total whack partners in crime, Stefan & Rishii."
Sophia Hyder
Sophia is a second-year student of Mass Communications, and she's all set to kick Faris' butt every Friday from 02PM - 04PM on the CineMania show!

Eye rolls and sarcasm aside, she's actually a really chill person! She loves hanging out with friends and pigging out more than anything. Nah, actually, she loves Kristen Stewart more than anything (but let's keep their relationship a secret, shall we?) She absolutely adores pugs and her Friday nights out with friends, which goes to show that she loves slobbery, clumsy things and people. She lacks a certain passion for fashion but has a real love for the reel. Movies are great, but movies in pyjamas and a bowl of chips are a lot greater. She knows how to have fun, she promises.

Oh, and once, she disgraced her family by peeing in her neighbor's potted plant. Obviously, she's embarrassing and a fan of self-deprecation.
Ysabel Yaneza
"Ysabel is a Year 3 Film, Sound & Video student. She loves long walks in the beach, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, but this is not a dating website.

Performing is her passion. She has hosted for events such as the 2nd Great Eastern International Kids Performing Festival Opening Ceremony, Youth Olympic Games 2010 and 10.20 – UrbanWire’s and RadioHeatwave’s birthday bash at Zouk in 2012.

Since being in Radio Heatwave for more than 2 years, she has had opportunities to interview celebrities and personalities such as Walk Off The Earth and Dee Kosh. Other than hosting, she spends time producing her own videos, acting, singing and experimenting the use of new media in her art. She loves being behind the camera and being in front of the camera!

Her music taste is heavily influenced by her parents, from 80’s New Wave to showtunes to today’s biggest hits. (They’re up-to-date with music’s latest trends.)

And while we’re on the subject of family, tune in to her show, Sibling Rivalry, with her brother, Gevin, every Thursday from 2-4pm, if you’re into wholesome family fun or love-hate relationships.


"What's Heating Up Our Airwaves"

10AM - 12PM
Let the management team ­ Kimberly, Jonathan and Rayen knock you out of bed every morning with their daily dose of caffeine fix for you, rain or shine! Other than managing the station and jocks, the (almost) impressive trio will bring to you and the listeners news and random trivia to brighten up your day too!

Who needs coffee, again?
12PM - 02PM
Roller coaster rides on Heatwave Charts aren’t uncommon, but we are sure Travis and Andrea hosting the show would be ecstatic to bring you on the ride of your life! Heatwave Charts feature the top 10 songs on thedeejay’s playlist for that week! From mainstream songs to Disney tunes ­ Heatwave Charts own it all and ensure songs resonate throughout the Atrium accompanied with the approval of our listeners!
02PM - 04PM
Naomi and Lynette are not your usual Damsels in Distress. As the name suggests, femme fatale is a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them intocompromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. We can guarantee songs and the duo’s voices on air during this time of the day send males into a hypnotic trance to clamour more of radio heatwave.
04PM - 06PM
If you are a rebel, and absolutely DETEST horribly produced mainstream songs (hint: #selfie) welcome to The YouTube Show! Your hosts Sharon, Rishi, and Stefan will through acoustic covers, as well as songs from YouTube’s own music charts, and trending music videos. If it’s raining, and you just so happen to have a mug of hot chocolate with you, you are in luck.
10AM - 12PM
Let the management team ­ Kimberly, Jonathan and Rayen knock you out of bed every morning with their daily dose of caffeine fix for you, rain or shine! Other than managing the station and jocks, the (almost) impressive trio will bring to you and the listeners news and random trivia to brighten up your day too!

Who needs coffee, again?
12PM - 02PM
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With an extremely witty name, it is only fair that hosts of this show ­ Celestine and Faris get the ball rolling to make a hit out of it. They’ll make a racket about all things athletic in the sports universe. Hope you’re getting a kick out of the PUNts!
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Who says only guys play video games or only women put on make­up? Get ready to be surprised by Kimberly and Elisha as they challenge your perspective on stereotypes as they compete to outdo each other in every Battle of the Sexes show ever existed on Radio Heatwave. The shockwaves are so tangible in the air, the crackle that you always hear on the Atrium’s speakers are probably their fault.
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Let the management team ­ Kimberly, Jonathan and Rayen knock you out of bed every morning with their daily dose of caffeine fix for you, rain or shine! Other than managing the station and jocks, the (almost) impressive trio will bring to you and the listeners news and random trivia to brighten up your day too!

Who needs coffee, again?
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Sponsored by Zouk, Jon and Elmer spin the hottest beats at the hottest hour on the hottest thing on campus. From popular dance tunes already burning up on the charts to their popular club remixes, let this show fast­forward you to 12:49am dancefloor euphoria at 12:49pm, where you can groove out to the biggest club bangers over your lunch, giving you that needed supercharging necessary to stay awake for your afternoon classes.
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With a blast to the past, Diyanah and Martin sweep you away from today’s hottest hits, with songs from eras that make you feel older than you really are. With segments like ‘My Mother Say’ (things that your mother would tell you when you were younger so that you would listen to her) and ‘On this Date’ (interesting trivia that happened on that particular “today” in history), Way­Back Wednesday is never boring with these two!
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Let the management team ­ Kimberly, Jonathan and Rayen knock you out of bed every morning with their daily dose of caffeine fix for you, rain or shine! Other than managing the station and jocks, the (almost) impressive trio will bring to you and the listeners news and random trivia to brighten up your day too!

Who needs coffee, again?
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Here in Singapore, happiness is predicated upon the satisfaction of the stomach. Your hosts Joshua and Joseph bring you on a culinary expedition discussing Singapore’s hottest (in more ways than one!) destinations to satisfy your cravings, or may just leave you wanting more than what you can fill your mouth.
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Our siblings are essentially slightly/very different versions of ourselves. On the Sibling Rivalry show, real­life brother­sister team Ysabel and Gevin Yaneza team up to bring their crazy antics from home to school. Will they manage to maintain their sanity after seeing each other literally 24/7? Find out on Sibling Rivalry!
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Campus Craze is everything you need to know about the latest ongoings here at Ngee Ann Polytechnic! Let Ashraf, Ellie, and Kianne tour you around the different faculties that exist on our vibrant school, and get insider info on what’s developing – past, present and future. You’ll always find that something extra on Campus Craze, and we’re not just talking about our school tagline!
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Let the management team ­ Kimberly, Jonathan and Rayen knock you out of bed every morning with their daily dose of caffeine fix for you, rain or shine! Other than managing the station and jocks, the (almost) impressive trio will bring to you and the listeners news and random trivia to brighten up your day too!

Who needs coffee, again?
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Rejoice, all ye sci­fi/comic/techie/videogame zealots! Yes, this show is the manifest form of the cool version of uncool before uncool became cool. Danish, Izza and Sathia embark with you on a quest to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Also, if you got that reference within 1.85 seconds, you are automatically 237.46% cooler.
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What’s hot and not in the movie theatres as of late? Miki, Sophia and Amirah take you on a who’s who and what’s what in the cinematic universes that’s playing in your nearest silver screens! Included are various movie review segments, as well as some interesting trivia about your favourite movies, that you may not have noticed on your first few watchings!
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December 2014
Youth Sensation Global Tour 2014 #YSGT2014

The day of 5 December saw six Youtube artistes, local and international, come together as one to put up a show that was both intimate and diverse.


Hours before the performance, young fans lined up outside The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, eager to get the best view of their idols. Despite the one-hour delay, spirits remained high.


The show commenced with a short modern-ballet solo piece. Although pleasant to watch and her technique was undoubtedly brilliant, it seemed a tad out of place amongst the rest of the acts. But the mood was not dampened as mood remained rapturous for the oncoming performances.


On to the performances! NoonTalk artiste Gavin Teo got the ball rolling. Shy and unassuming, his gentle voice floated through the enchanted crowd as the guitar seemed to strum itself effortlessly.


DSC_0443 copy


Gavin’s exit welcomed JA’s entrance. The Swedish duo Jonas and Anton, known as JA, are both only 16 year old but their stage presence packed a punch beyond the age. Voices and harmony blended naturally as their chemistry was evident. Many times, Jonas would look over at Anton and his face would break into a grin. Slightly awkward and largely adorable, they surely won over the crowd’s hearts.





As Nathan Hartono joined the duo in a song, the whole stage lit up in frenzy. This is one man who knows how to rock and own the stage. The audience fed off his energy and he looked like he is having all the fun in the world. One is guaranteed to feel wonderful after watching Nathan do what he loves to do.

DSC_0536 2

DSC_0958 copy


Tanner Patrick took the stage and the crowd went wild – but went even wilder when he jumped off the stage (four times in one night, I might add) and started giving high-fives to unsuspecting fans. The security guards grabbed on to him, ensuring his safety. From the joy in his eyes, it was obvious how much he appreciates and loves interacting with his fans.


DSC_0669 2

DSC_0676 2

Without a prior word, Tiffany Alvord launched into her first song, strutting around the stage with subtle sass. When she tripped, she looked embarrassed for a millisecond but recovered in an instant. It was particularly entertaining when she threw on a pair of pink glasses and sang a duet with her brother, Trevin, complete with funky moves.


DSC_0830 copy

DSC_0852 copy

The finale was a treat. A surprise was when a birthday cake and balloons were presented to Tiffany, and everybody sang Happy Birthday. For a moment it felt like we were all hiding in her living room executing a Surprise Birthday plan. Tanner gave her a rainbow-coloured stuffed toy and the Taffy ship-name chant began.

DSC_0932 copy

After the finale, the lights dimmed and a video started to play. What nobody knew was that the artistes would return to the stage for a finale…part two! The crowd had decreased in size but that did not stop anyone from singing their hearts out. At last, they left the stage, but not before expressing their thanks and gratitude for the audience. And we’re similarly thankful for the visual and aural treat as well!

DSC_0992 copy

Written by: Michelle Lee Shi Hui

8 December 2014
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